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Monsieur Riccardo Ferraioli

Madera Nera Eau De Parfum

Madera Nera Eau De Parfum

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Head Notes: Cardamom, Fig Papyrus

Heart Notes: Iris, Cedarwood, Coconut Milk

Base Notes: Cashmere, Sandalwood, Amber

Imagine sitting alone in the vast plains of the American West, surrounded by the majesty of an indigo night sky stretching above you, while the gentle desert wind caresses you tenderly.

The opening is an invitation to enter a world of intriguing sensations. The cardamom, with its spicy and enveloping nuance, blends harmoniously with the elegant note of iris and the sweet and floral aroma of violet. This combination of ingredients creates an initial trail of mystery and seduction, enchanting the senses and preparing the ground for a captivating olfactory experience.

The spicy, leathery, and musky notes come together in the heart, enriching the fragrance with fascinating complexity. This combination of notes adds an intriguing depth to the fragrance, while smoky woods like Australian sandalwood and cedarwood give a warm and enveloping aura. The blend of these smoky woods creates a comforting and embracing perfume, evoking the image of a blazing fire burning in the night.

A lively flame, shining intensely in the twilight. It's like the subdued smoke, revealing only faint traces of its mystery. It's the sensuality that ignites when the lights go out, and everything is enveloped in a feeling of intimacy and passion. This fragrance embodies the seductive charm of darkness and night, leaving a magnetic and memorable trail.

In short, MADERA NERA is a unique and engaging olfactory experience that embraces the strength and wild beauty of the unspoiled lands of the American West. It's a fragrance that transports the mind on a journey of discovery and adventure, inviting to get lost in the vastness of emotions and sensations it evokes.

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